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Though it sounds cliched, this is what I felt and thought all through the three days that we had escaped to the MTDC resort in Karla, near Lonavala…The two days before leaving were extra stressful because the moment I said Lonavala, there were groans and mutters from everyone I knew…and then there were scary reviews about the MTDC resort… Believe me I actually packed everything I could lay my hands on, from blankets to old newspaper, so much so that we had three suitcases between the two of us and a toddler for three days…:-)…However, all that stress and worrying was unnecessary to my big relief…

And it was indeed a really nice and cosy place..The resort offered us a neat little cottage with basic amenities and fresh air ( I think it took my poor abused lungs some doing to get used to it initially )…And then there was the Bushi dam and the Walwan dam with its breath taking view(would have loved a pic, but photography is not allowed there..I guess its good in a certain way..adds to the pure feeling of the place)…We were very impressed with the way the dam and its premises was maintained by TATA Power…reinforces my view about what we can achieve through the professionalism in private enterprises and highlights one among many lacunae of the state..

And its true that taking a break doesnt need to be to exotic locales or great sightseeing/adventure…its actually unwinding and relaxing which we did with a bottle of wine and the whispering bamboos amidst absolute serenity that you could hear your hearts beating….. :-)….am looking forward to the next escape…

I have always wondered IF someone is actually reading all this…and I know there are, but it would be so nice to get to know you…so do leave your comments and any thoughts you would have…


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  1. Well I am reading it for one 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by Shanti. Your blog looks great…keep up the good work.
    Living in Bombay Lonavla was always a quick weekend getaway for us. The fudge and chikkis are to die for!
    I used to feel light the moment I left Bombay’s roads….that city just eats up your time without you realizing it. I miss it!!!!

    Thanks Ashwini…It feels good to see that there are actually “people” who are reading whatever you keep writing..yes, and bombay is a very different city, especially for people like me who are used to Delhi…;-)

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