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Yes, I know..I have not been blogging and feeling so very bad about it…:-(

But March being the month when the entire corporate world gets into an overdrive what with targets and business plans, the days just get melted into a frenzy of numbers and excel sheets..and thats exactly whats been happening with me !!! All my thoughts are spewing out formulae and figures, that my dear blog has taken a backseat…:-(

Well folks, all is not that bad in this mad month…. I have some news, and that is I have made a cake

Hmmm..all of you veterans must be laughing your heads off…;-) well, let me put it this way…This is the first cake I have baked….(well, if you discount one messy accident I had sometime back…hehe)…I ll blog about it soon ( actually couldnt resist announcing it to the world, you see…;-)

And this month we also celebrated the day when three years back, me and my hubby took the vows to remain together forever..:-) and yes, this time I’m planning to participate in JFI Tomatoes  hosted by RP of My Workshop since this is one of my all time fav veggies ( and you guessed it right, i love all things easy to do )..:-)



  1. I’m not laughing my head off, Santhi, I know it’s not easy to make a cake, especially if you don’t do it regularly!

    Thanks 🙂 Thats the only consolation I have !!! well, the only remedy is to make more cakes, I guess..:-)

  2. Practice makes a man, errrrrr…… cook perfect!!!! 🙂

    Came over to say a hi from your post on dining hall. How about putting your pics back so that one can see whats wrong with it and then comment on it?????

    To start with, I follow two things when I take a pic.
    1. I always do it in day light. Yeah!!!!!! That means, if I am cooking something for the blog it has to be done before the sun sets. 🙂

    2. I edit my pics with the help of picasa. This makes your pics look bright, as you can change the contrast and light effect. You can also erase minor problems like straightening the pic, sharpening it, etc. Just download picasa, transfer all your pics to it and start there……. Hope this helps. 🙂

    Thanks a trillion, Coffee…Its so nice of you to drop in and give me your tips…:-) Was feeling so depressed about the pics, thats why I took the extreme step of deleting them 😦 well, will have to muster courage and post it back, I guess ! And I am just now installing picasa..thanks for all the help 🙂

  3. I would like to see that cake!! Bring it one!!!!:D

    Errr Asha, when I made that cake, I really felt like India winning against Bermuda..:-) and now ( just visited your blog) it feels like the last over of India vs Sri Lanka …:D

  4. Saw your post on Dining Hall….I am still learning and honestly have no tips to offer that you haven’t already read….I just take loads of them and pick the one that comes close to what I cooked 😉
    Would love to see the cake though…

    Oh my God !!! Trupti, you are just too modest :-)…I am really shrinking away at the thought of even looking at the cake’s photo now …hehehe…:D

  5. Hi Shanti,

    I can understand how you feel about your photography skills. All of us go thru this during the initial blogging days:). Don’t worry too much about it.

    I use a digi cam and from my experience (still working on my photography skills), lighting is everything so choose an area of your home where there is a lot of natural light with no shadows and try outdoors also if possible. Try to use as much of natural light and avoid using flash (which means, the food you intend to blog should ideally be cooked much before sunset). The best time would be between 7am-10 am in the morning (here in Vizag that’s the best time for me). Avoid direct sunlight on the food.
    I usually take a lot of pictures at different angles and then decide on the best one among them.
    I use a white sheet as a background for most of my images.
    When using the digicam, half press the shutter for 3-4 secs and then press full which allows the lens to capture the image well.
    As coffee suggested use picasa to “make-up” your image further.:):)

    Also go thru these links for tips on food photography.

    I echo Trupti’s words “would love to see your cake”-:)

    Thanks Sailaja….thanks a ton for taking time out and giving me all these tips…:-) I also use a digi cam, but usually its evening when I cook, since morning is madness in the house !!! However, I guess I ll have to do something about this :-)…I didnt know this about half-pressing the shutter, will try it for the next photo…have downloaded picasa…You know what, it feels like exam time when I think about taking the next photo….:D….thanks once again….

  6. Your most welcome, Santhi and I look forward to you next food picture.:)

  7. Hi Your food blog looks great and you have some
    lovely recipes, I will be back to visit you.

    Jeena xx

    visit jeenas blog for healthy recipes
    updated daily !

    Thanks Jeena…I am happy that you liked it…Look forward to seeing you more on the blog and do leave your thoughts 🙂

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