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It looks like the world is going to be slimmer…Don’t laugh it away. ( I wonder what will happen to all the diet food companies and “make you slim with no surgery, no pills, without moving a finger” outlets from now!  okie…thats exaggeration, but still that time is not too far..;P  )

Today’s newspaper carried an interesting article about how the inclusion of leptin (a hormone which controls the feeling of satiety in our body) in baby food can make a whole generation slimmer and thus counter the effects of obesity and probably act as a potential preventor of diabetes type-2 and several heart ailments !

“Leptin (from the Greek word leptos, meaning thin) is a 16 kDa protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, including the regulation (decrease) of appetite and metabolism. ” says Wiki. Read more here

Apparently, the experiments with rats has proved that the ‘pups’ remain slimmer if they are administered leptin early enough against the ‘pups’ with no leptin doses. Now the next stage of trials would be to study whether it affects human babies similarly.

amused… skeptical …. SCARED …?

It would, of course, be a wonderful ‘treatment’ to have when obesity, heart ailments etc are caused by medical problems. But majority of obesity is caused because of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle issues. And all of this happens after you grow up ! So why are we doing this ?? So that the babies of the future can eat away happily, laze away happily and never ever bother about being obese ?

Aren’t we a little over ambitious out here ?

Wouldnt introducing this in baby food mean we are altering the natural hormonal requirements in the body (Leptin is present in mother’s milk as well, which means that a normal baby is getting how much ever she is required to get through the mother’s milk).

Well, I am not an expert and I’m sure the experts have a pretty good reason to be doing what they are doing…They better have one.



  1. They are not even sparing the babies now!!!!! HUH!!!! How far can you get after this??? What will be the next new invention??? Injecting a hormone into the foetus?????

    BTW….. The hearder of your blog is not visible.

    I know..the first thought that hit me was who are the babies on whom they will do the trial ? What if there are side effects ? Especially in countries like India, the rules are not even stringent enough and if they are , there are numerous ways i which it is circumvented anyways !

    hey, thanks for pointing out about the header…will try and fix it

  2. i wish they could inject brains and sensitivity into people.

    yes, and some kindness and selflessness too

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