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I never thought God would be bothered about a blogging event !

I mean, we are a bunch of food lovers – food bloggers enjoying ourselves with such innocuous games. So whats the big deal ? He sure has enough of us worrying him at the rate of million cribs and worries per nanosecond, that he wouldnt bother with such a thing as a blogging event, would he !

Well, what do we do generally to participate in an event – look up the theme for the event announced by one of our friends in the community, get all excited about it and then scout around a bit for the necessary veggies/ fruits/ ingredients and cook up something ( edible / not edible is never a criteria in any of the events 😉  ) and photograph it and write about it – quite a simple thing to do, dont you think ?

Ah, It doesnt seem to be so, as I discovered during my tryst with this month’s JFI !!! And thats when I found out that God also loves these events and waits for the round-up ( I think maybe he asks one of his royal cooks to try making each one of the dishes… how much would he be making..maybe he uses a huge cauldron ?? I wonder !!! ……atleast  I know he gets some pleasure knowing that there are a bunch of people who are doing justice to all the nice things he has created in this world for us …no kidding 😉 ) 

Back to my story, you see what happened is as soon as I read that this months theme is   ” Jackfruit ” hosted by one of the best bloggers around ( Jai and Bee from Jugalbandi who have created a really refreshing and beautiful blog) I started looking for Jackfruit and there it disappeared from the scene. Not a single place I searched, had it ( not that I knew many, but I did try, earnest Jai and Bee 😉 ) So I desperately gave up and decided that no Jackfruit – no JFI this month 😦 … and  then God entered the scene

The night of the 31st of May 2007, a clear night with the moon streaming in a bit through the window, someone knocks at our door. Its around 8:30 p.m. Who can it be ? At this time ?

There was the night -watchman ! “Oh, Whats the matter ?” The secretary of the building ( one of my neighbours) wanted me down for some administrative work. “Oh ok”.

“Listen,my daughter (and me) are finishing off her dinner ( yeah, I need to help myself to it, so that she can say ‘finis’ in the end 😉 ). Do tell them I ll be down, if possible, after sometime”. ( I was in half mind to postpone it to the next day, but because I needed to reach office early the next day, I thought let me get over with this. So there I trudged down, taking my sleepy little one along )

And thats why I said God loves food blog events :-)..Coz when I reached the Secretary’s house, there his wife was sitting with a fresh ripe jackfruit in front of her, hands all oiled and coaxing each of those pods out. I salivated. Yes, I didnt hear anything that the Secretary was telling me, and fixed myself adamantly on the Jackfruit, as if staring at them would will them to elope with me. But I did what I did. Unabashedly use body language to make clear your interests. I think it works. ( the only time I’d used it before, it worked for sure 😉 😉  well, if you have a naughty smile on your face, you guessed it right ! ) .

So, while I was leaving I had a bag in my hand with some fresh, ripe Jackfruit pods :-). Now, dont you think God is into food blogging events ?

So, here is something special I made with them, yet easy and simple to make – Chakka Dosa ( Chakka Ada, though chakka ada also means the steamed version) .


What you ll need :

1 cup rice

Jaggery / Gud / Sharkara – one small cup, crushed and filled

7-8 jackfruit pods ( more depending on its sweetness and your taste)

2-3 cardamom pods – crushed


Wash and soak rice for about an hour ( or how much ever time you soak it for making dosa batter, depends on the variety of the rice you use)

Grind rice with minimum amount of water.

When it is half way through, add the gur and grind some more.

Towards the end, add the ripe Jackfruit pods ( pls remove the seeds before ) and give it a final round. Add the crushed cardamom ( you can add it while grinding as well )

Keep a tawa on the fire, and pour a bit of ghee on it.

Take a spoonful of the batter, and make medium thick dosa. Sprinkle some more ghee on the sides. Keep this covered with a small pan/ cover. ( You can also make it the normal way you make dosa, where you cook both the sides on the tawa – I made it that way, since my daughter likes it really crisp ). Remove the cover after a minute. ( Check whether cooked, else increase the cooking time ).

Serve it hot from the tawa.

We both gobbled up the dosas before even letting it cool off . Just off the tawa and into our mouths :-).

The subtle taste of natural sweetness ( different from the in-your- face sweetness of everyday sweets ) and the aroma of the chakka dosa cooking in a smattering of ghee is heavenly.

Oh God, when will we get another Jackfruit event ?

A special thanks to my dear fellow bloggers , Jai and Bee for allowing me to send a late entry to the Jackfruit JFI . Jihva for Ingredients is an amazing and enthusiastically participated food blogging event started by Indira of Mahanandi



  1. HeHe!! Great write up! “GOD” works in a mysterious way and guess what I made for JFI?! Same thing!!;D
    hahaha…HE plays some tricks, doesnt HE ? 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha……….. what an awesome post!!!! You definately go girl!!!!!
    “Unabashedly use body language to make clear your interests” hahahaha that was cool!!!!
    You must write more often!!
    Thanks a lot your appreciation really makes it worth ( I mean, all that body language part )
    hey, and did i forget to mention, that there are very few hours of the day when I am not feeling lazy, which is why I feel quite happy reading what everyone else writes and then think, what can I say more,( does that sound a convincing excuse 🙂 )…but well, let me try turning a new leaf 😉 😀

  3. so this is what you do in the evening, huh? divest neighbours of their precious assets?
    those are some killer dosas. love your entry.
    hey thanks to you, i finally found Providence 🙂

  4. HA HA HAAH HAAH HA HA HA! I don’t know what to do with jackfruit so am not entering JFI. We too got unexpected bounty today, but of mangoes, so many that we are planning to give away some.
    Hey, after the round – up am sure you ll have too many things to make with Jackfruit ! Do post some recipes with the mangoes, I dont know what to do with them, really !!!! 😉

  5. great write-up!!! god and his mysterious ways.
    those are some yummy chakka-dosa.
    Thanks dear. try some…they are really yummy 🙂

  6. I made your Chakka dosa just few minutes ago…It was truely divine !! The only change I made was to add coconut shreds, and used rice flour (I am lazy ;). We also ate it off the tawa, it was soooo good. Thank you!!
    Hey..thats really nice to know…you know what, I am so lazy that I even didnt add coconut, though generally it is added 😉

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