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Baking was ( is ) a mystery to me. Hence, when I read about all those wonderful beautiful cakes  each one of you come up with, my eyes pop out, and I drool 😉

Well, here’s a bit of a Bollywood masala which actually made me want to do it myself.

Born into an orthodox family where eggs were a complete no-no, I was totally uninitiated into the realms of baking. Consider this. I had never seen anyone bake a cake. I had never operated an oven. And I didnt know about the world of food blogs;-) !!  Quite like the heroine in the poor family 😉

And as expected, the hero is from the rich one , in our movie from a house where baking is a part of life.

And hero meets heroine and they fall in love ( though not at first sight !! ) and they get married ( after a bit of a ” ek-duje ke liye” style stunts 😉 )

Hmmm..its a new age Karan Johar – Mani ratnam combo, so hero-heroine get married before the first half of the movie, and the twist in the tale comes after a bit…

Will let you all imagine the in-between Saas-Bahu serial inspired scenes that would have followed including the slow-motion twitching of the lips and the raising of the eyebrows by the overly made-up sleeveless clad tormentor ( ah..forgot the bindi ) and the righteous all-sacrificing patience and goodness incarnate sufferer, with her downcast eyes and ‘ suffering is my duty’ insipid expression

Well, the heroine is now confused between being a Smriti Irani and a Rani Mukherjee ( since the Director was not clear himself, so he let the heroine decide for herself ) and she does give him a surprise…I mean, she does a Preity Zinta…

At the earliest opportunity ( when the coast is clear, i mean ) she bakes a cake…or rather tries to…with all ingredients carefully measured and mixed, and baked to a beautiful catastrophe !

No other word can describe it better…since the cake didnt bake, but the oven did…yeah, didnt even take the time of a bubble bursting than the oven smoked like an over-heated engine !!! Panic ..and then damage control…I mean, forget the cake..what do you do with a blackened oven coughing up smoke uncontrollably ?

Sometimes I do think that the director got confused in the end, since he forgot the usual formula of ” happily lived ever after” and the “good always wins over the evil”…anyways, guess it turned out to be new – age thriller with an anti-climax, and it sells these days 🙂

For all those curious to know what happened to the “poor” heroine afterwards, mind taking a guess….??? 😉

apr 07 007

My First ( errr…second 😉 ) cake

Followed verbatim from this Basic Cake recipe by Nita Mehta in her book Cakes and Chocolates

4 large eggs

115 gm oil

160 powdered sugar

150 gm maida

2 level tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla essence


Sieve flour and baking powder.

Beat sugar and eggs with hand or electric beater ( I used an electric beater ) till volume is nearly four times.

Add the essence and mix well.

Add oil gradually and beat the mixture.

 Add flour little by little, while beating at the lowest speed or fold it very slowly with a spoon ( move spoon in upward and downward motion, in the same direction ).

Pour into a greased tin and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 45 minutes ( the book suggests 150 degrees for 30 minutes, but it has not worked for me both the times I tried it ).

Test the cake by inserting a toothpick.

Let it cool for ten minutes before removing form the tin.

Slice it and relish it warm , and of course for later when it cools off, as well 🙂

apr 07 004



  1. Now this movie is a Box Office Hit, Ain’t it? Had a good laugh readin yr post!
    Thanks Suganya 🙂

  2. Not bad for a new baker!:))
    Looks delish.I just baked a Walnut bread too.Enjoy baking.It’s fun:)
    Thanks 🙂 , but nothing compared to an expert like you :-)..Walnut ..maybe I should try making some later 🙂

  3. hi! your cake looks yummy! keep up your good work!!!
    Thanks Arthi 🙂 Nice to have you here 🙂

  4. Didn’t the heroine know about cake shop near by 
    That’s a delicious looking cake. Worth the efforts taken.
    Haha..these practical things like cake shops don’t exist in the Bollywood / K-serials world..;-) …yes, the cake turned out to be pretty ok..thankfully 🙂

  5. Cute post! hahahha…sleeveless clad tormentor…are you talking about the actress “Manorama” or “Bindu” by any chance….I love those old movies!
    The cake looks good…..the first one, yeah, there is always a sort of a near emergency,with almost everyone..but it gets better. 🙂
    what happens to the heroine?? I don’t want to make a wrong guess. 😉
    yes, me too loved the oldies..A Manorama or a Bindu had much more character and could carry it off very well… 🙂 well, what happens to the heroine ??? wait for the sequel…;-P

  6. Hahahahaha……. I can’t stop laughing…. what a journey that was!!! From karan johar and mani ratnam all the way to ekta kapoor and then emerged our priety!!!! 🙂 You have a knack of writing my dear. 🙂 If ekta kapoor is going to read this, expect a call from her very soon for script writing 😉
    With the oven (and not cake) baking…… how did you get such a cake??!!! Not one bit of it looks like a disaster! 🙂
    thats the trick,…this is another cake baked in another oven ….;-)..And script writing for ekta kapoor would be ‘cake’walk, na..just change the name of the earlier serial to another Kkahani and ‘find & replace’ all dialogues with the new characters…hehehe…

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