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‘A blog is a blog is a blog’….

or should i say ‘A food blog is a food blog is a food blog’ ?

Quite a bit of dilemma, about which I have been pondering day in and day out for some days now..and I seem to be changing sides every time !

Where it all started from is this : I have two blogs..this one, which you are reading right now and another one, which is very different from this one ! And the debate is whether to merge the two or not ?

Should a blog be concentrated on a certain domain ( food in this context) or should it be person-centric ?

By focusing on a specific domain I would make it easier on the reader, and to an extent on the blogger as well..In that case, the blog is like a reference notebook for the blogger and the audience.

But most of us have so many other facets in life, and not just focused on one domain, though that may be one of our work / hobbies / passion. However, do you think that by making a blog domain-centric, we are overshadowing the other aspects of our personalities ?

What I mean is, should the blog be more like a novel or like a subject text ? ( Both have its importance and weightage, therefore the dilemma ! )

And all the more so, since lot of the topics may not be of interest to lot of the readers. And yes, ultimately interaction is the fundamental driver for blogging, isn’t it…?

What do you think…? ( Or have I managed to confuse you all as much as I am ! 😉 )



  1. If you have a food blog and other “thinking” or “personal” blog,better keep it separate.I have two food blogs ,can you believe it?;P
    It’s just that readers can go to respective blogs,depending on what they like.Not everybody into food blogs and some don’t want to read personal stuff.Just my two cents! Ultimately,it’s your blog,you can say whatever you want!!:)
    hmmm…well, guess after all I need to decide what to do with the two blogs :-)…hey, I didnt know you have two food blogs !!! how do you manage to find time for both !!!! Amazing 🙂

  2. HA! I have 2 food blogs, one homeschooling blog, one prayer blog, one misc blog, onehouse restoration blog, one exercise blog…and some others I think…
    It can become an obsession…I am fine..really..;)
    WOW…really..thats like a really long list, and I am amazed how you have the time and energy to maintain everything ! Kudos to you, Marye 🙂

  3. Hmm … if you don’t want to impose on people who don’t want to read about non-food issues, you can signal that in the title, but by having them come over to your blog, maybe they will think and reflect on those issues.
    I’m not sure if many would click on another blog and take the trouble to read it – dovetail everything in one, but I do understand what you’re saying.
    Yes..exactly the reason I was thinking of putting everything together, and sometimes, it does become a bit of a bother to actually keep classifyig everything you have to say about, and refrain from saying coz it doesnt fit in…!!! Guess, I’ll have something like different pages or something…will work this out…

  4. Santhi very interesting question, one I have pondered over too. Most times it is the personal observations and experiences that bloggers write about that makes the blog special in my opinion.
    There might be some reader who are interested in just recipes, in that case they can jump to the recipes and avoid the blurb that precedes it is what I say to myself.
    Yeah..true…still have to figure out how to go about this !

  5. I have three blogs Santhi…… one food blog, one for my paintings and one where I just scribble some random thoughts……. I was comtemplating the thought of mixing it all together as well, but then I got swept away with the idea that it might end up in a confussion for people coming over…… but as sra mentioned…. you can specify that on the header so that those coming know what they are here for. 🙂 tell you the truth, I knew only about your food blog, which I visit regularly…and I never knew about your other facets :-)…am just coming over:-)

  6. you will find all three over here:
    🙂 Just in case you are interested 😉

  7. aha!!! at last i am here 🙂
    mmm… i think u should leave it as they r. i mean keep them separate as it will be more confusing if ur put them together. i love ur pashi:hunger blog which is totally a different subject matter from talking about food in the main and discuss some serious matter. i dont mean that food cant be serious topic for discussion;)
    well, ultimately its upto u as how u want ur blog to be:) i will always be there to come n comment on ur posts;)
    hey..welcome…:-)…yes, i know thats the logical thing to do…at the end, am as confused as I was when I wrote the post, so I guess its come a full circle :-)..hehee

  8. santhi, i think you should merge them. it’s easier for people like me to keep track of things. i think a mixed blog is much more interesting than an only food blog. have you been to ‘tigers and strawberries’? that’s precisely why i love that blog. i don’t know what to expect, though it’s mostly about food. are you blogging for someone else or for yourself? do what is convenient for you.
    some people e-mailed me complaining that i was posting things other than food. i promptly changed my header to reflect that it was a multi-subject blog. if they don’t like it, sorry, it can’t be helped.
    yes, I agree about the fact that it is more interesting to read about different subjects,not restrict to one, if you dont want to…well, am working on this..:-)..and I havent been to tigers and strawberries…just visiting right now..:-)

  9. Merge, merge. It is more interesting that way.

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