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I didnt know that I had turned a professional wrestler…until today !!! True, as all of us, I do have my bit of domestic wrestling, but to be a professional one, I thought you need to know more techniques….;-) 😉

Well, as to how such a poor soul like me turned into a wrestler, ( hehehe, I can see all of you smriking..;-) but trust me,  am not one of those rock bodied, snarling and charging, WWF (wo)men ) but still… it was an accident, one which I was unaware till the very end…:-)

I made this – ” a move that throws the opponent so that he/she is pushed upward and therefore having him/her fall on his/her front”…. 😉

 You don’t believe it, do you…??

Well, here’s the pic ( even more deceptive, am sure this is how its not supposed to look ! ) 


I adapted it from this recipe and this is how I made it

Brown sugar – 50gms

Butter / Margarine – 60 gms

oats – 125 gms

banana – 1 ripe

honey – 3tbsp


Melt butter/margarine over low heat

Add brown sugar and honey. Stir well till you get a somewhat liquid consistency

Mix oats well into the mixture

Mash the banana into pulp and mix it as well

Spread this on to a baking tray.

Bake at 200 degree celsius for 30 min ( or until you see the crust browning a bit )

This turned out to be a bit chewy and gooey, but that was a treat for both my daughter and me 🙂

I’m sure you’d have guessed it by now…here’s a clue, if not :

You flip it and flap it

Till you call it a Jack !!!! Hehehe

Enjoiiii 😀



  1. British Flapjack or is it Irish? Wherever it is from,looks yummy.
    LOL @ the wrestling! Life is a sport for us!!;D
    Bang on…though I dont know the regional differences :-)..yes, it definitely tasted yum…and am sure, you’d have some variations which you have tried 🙂

  2. OOOHHH!!!!!! A wrestler indeed 😉 The satire in your posts are always something I look forward to. 🙂

  3. the original recipe claims to be ‘healthy’ and has margarine. how is that supposed to work? butter (what you used) is way healthier than margarine.
    guess these days, every other thing you get is ‘healthy’, but ‘healthy in what sense’, no one knows !!! Seriously, I dont bother by the tag ‘ healthy’, its been abused so badly…I only try to make it healthy according to my limited knowledge 🙂

  4. Well, at least you didn’t have to go to the dentist!

  5. Do they last for days as the original recipe states, even with a banana? But that banana with brown sugar gives that toffee-y flavour that I love!
    I wouldnt know whether it will last, since we finished it in two days flat… :-), yes, the banana makes it very chewy-gooey, which we just loved :-)…I think it should taste good with other fruits as well !

  6. he he he…u r really funny santhi… i hope u r still in one piece after all these wrestling 😉
    yeah..thankfully 😉

  7. where the heck are you?
    Going through a little tumult….daughter had a kind of nasty accident…in the eye….she’s better now…life’s such, i guess 😦 will get back to the blog sometime next week…

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