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taj mahal

Lone Traveller by Marco Pessoa. Flickr Creative Commons

The Taj Mahal has been chosen by people world over to be one of the “New Seven Wonders of the world”. Shrouded by criticism and negated by the UN agencies, the New Seven wonders of the world were unveiled on the 7th of July, 2007 in a grand ceremony.

Personally, I do not see any benefit in ranking or shortlisting the marvels of the world. And I do not believe in ranking per se, as well. I think it mostly ends up as an exercise where the relevance of the subject gets lost in the algorithm ( But yes, there are exceptions to this) . More on this later.

I believe in love. And the Taj is a monument which celebrates love even in death. The Taj Mahal is more of a wonder not for its beauty and architectural marvel, but for the emotion and drama of love. ( remember the story about Shah Jahan maiming his artists so that they do not construct any other monument rivalling his creation for his love, Mumtaz ? Such is the power of love….)

 While reading about the Seven Wonders of the world at Wiki, I came across this – Seven Blunders according to Mahatma Gandhi ! And incidentally, I was thinking about Gandhiji and his works these days. I am now re-reading his The Story of my Experiments with Truth. The more I think about Mahatma, the more I am in awe with the person.

And come to think of it, the Mahatma is more of a wonder than the architectural wonders of the world.



  1. it takes one gandhi to change a generation, but several generations to recognise one gandhi’s wisdom. hope it isn’t too late by then.
    I have no hope that our generation or the coming ones will ever realise the greatness of the man..or for that matter any other great people like Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa..everyone is just too busy becoming important themselves !

  2. I am glad they chose it again but yes,It’s should be recognized for Architecture than anything else like “love”!;p
    I have that book and The Gandhi reader too! Enjoy reading it:)

  3. I too was not happy with the list. Even though I am happy that Taj Mahal made it, there was no comparison between Pyramid of Giza and a modern day wonder. One good thing is they are going to fund 14 wonders and not just 7… I cant believe they are even going to change text books based on this..hmm…

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