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I wanted to be a nun for some part of my childhood. I was educated in a convent 🙂 . Then I wanted to be in a variety of professions from toffee shop owner to painter to journalist to lawyer to pilot ( I knew I didnt fit in the requirements , but who can stop you from dreaming, right ? ) to savior of the world…..;-) In the end, I didnt become any of these or am doing what I am doing and still struggling to find that one thing which ” I would love to do for a living” 

On the other hand, these days I find there are too many jobs chasing too few people..or rather too many jobs chasing too many people…But still, there are too many disgruntled people around. And everyone wants to change their job at any point of time you meet them !

I go through these periods of ” irrepresible urge to switch jobs” , and so would you have. And the reasons would range from ” I am underpaid, over worked etc etc ” to ” I hate my boss” to ” I dont like the smile of the guy sitting next to me “….

I wonder what is it that I would really rate as ” The best job ” ? There would be a lot of personal interests and aptitudes, but I was wondering whether this would throw up interesting trends ? 

If you are reading this, do post a comment with “The best job” according to you.

I think I need to clarify a bit… definitely ” The best job ” is the one which one enjoys, however thats as general a definition as it gets, and an ever-elusive one ! Hence, please mention the one job which you would simply love to do ( as definite as is possible like software programmer / blogger/ cloud-watcher or whatever )….



  1. If I enjoy what I am doing then its the best j ob for me. 🙂

    After marriage when I came to singapore…. my medical degree was of no use to me over here and I was looking at something left right and centre….. I worked as a teacher in a learning centre to a kindergarten teacher…. and e ven did admin jobs for sometime….. well these were basically to pass my time till I come across something more substantial , when I landed on this job of a lecturer. 😀

    The only thing I can think of is, its the best job for me because I enjoy it!!!!! As compared to a local, I am underpaid….. overworked – you will be in any job……. hate my boss or colleagues – well chuck the grumpy ones and look for those whom you can get along with…. and if you dont find any…. enjoy your own company…. you are your best friend!! 😀

    Did I say too much 😛

  2. oopes….. that was a long comment….
    go on…no restriction on length of comments ;-);-)..hehehe

  3. I am in the same boat as you.

  4. I went to a convent too and so did my husband.I NEVER wanted to a nun!!In fact,I had nun nightmares often for a long time!!;D
    My best job is being stay at home mom! 🙂
    Best job means different for different people,can’t really tell you what’s best for others.Your experience and ambition come to play in your decision to have a best job too.
    My husband loves his job so much,he gets almost sad when he is on vacation!:p

  5. I wanted to be an archaeologist once. Now I simply want to be a billionaire.
    Then I can do what I really want to and will probably be good at it too!

  6. sra, ain’t that the best job ;).. Smart answer!

  7. Santhi, Suganya, have you seen How to Marry a Millionaire? Marilyn Monroe says (and I’m paraphrasing) she’d rather marry a millionaire than a poor man because then she’d be free to love him fully rather than mix it up with worry about stuff like making ends meet 🙂
    If only I had watched it before…;-) ;-)..hehehe…

  8. Good question Santhi. Every other day I think of this and the feeling has been getting very strong lately. I don’t know if such a job exists, but, I would like to get paid for just sitting and reading :)) [books & blogs]. How I wish :o)

  9. toffee shop owner sounds good! 😉
    As for me, my dream is to be somekind of a cafe/ cake shop owner. I’m trying to convince myself that I am ‘in progress’ toward that dream to become a reality tho… allm be it bit-by-bit…

  10. Nice question ..even I am searching the answer :)) I want a job ..that I enjoy ; pays me more than enough ..meaning I can save enough despite of shopping spree; enough leave and holidays ; and no long working hours and of course a good boss !! …Sounds spoiling na ??? :)) nothing costs to dream isnt it ?

  11. Santhi, I’ve tagged you for a meme, details on my blog!

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