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gender in education

Read this again. And again. And again. And again. Thats what all the Class I – II students are doing now. Learning this over and over again.( A rough translation by me is at the end of the post.)

Don’t be aghast. We all know this and are living with this. India’s future generations are being built on such rock-solid foundation.

And then we cry foul that grown-up men are chauvinistic, insensitive and suppress women. We sowed the seeds. We are still doing it.

Education ? ! .

Read it again.
gender in education

( This is an award winning media campaign, which received the UNICEF Award for Children’s issues in 2006. Read more about it here)

Translated :

Ram ( Boy) eat the Kheer ( pudding kind of preparation)

Sita ( Girl) do the work

Bhuvan(Boy) go to school and learn from the teacher

Gita( Girl) fetch water and give food to Father

Madan(Boy) play in the garden

Meena(Girl) help mother with household work.



  1. rajasthan is a basket case. some of their districts have women’s literacy of 8%.
    bee, the issue is not with the level of literacy only, issue is ingraining stereotypes so early in life through education. We will never be able to get anywhere, when we are taught such things in school.Our system thrives on suppressing women. Disgusting truth.

  2. yeah, that’s the thing. upto grade four they teach this drivel. after grade four, they only send boys to school.

    even in more progressive states, they have this strong reinforcement of gender stereotypes, though they will never admit it.

    heck, it happens in my ‘modern’ family. if you ask them to use their brain cells, they rupture an artery. it’s not ignorance. it is wilful maintenance of the power structure.

    i don’t buy this stuff about people being conditioned a certain way, they can’t help it, etc.

    if they can learn to use a sumeet mixer instead of a stone grinding implement, if they can learn to drive a car instead of a bullock cart, they can think differently. they just don’t want to.
    Yes…the worst thing is educated people, the so – called ” modern” people are the ones who shy away from taking any stand and who revel in using lame excuses to justify their cowardice. Even I get extremely irked when people just wouldnt want to exert their sense or intelligence.

  3. This page is just part of the ad campaign trying to bring attention to gender biases in education, and not an actual textbook page, right?
    It is a very attention-capturing ad for sure!! Growing up in Maharashtra, I must say that there was a great deal of equality…both girls and boys were pushed to do well in school. Hopefully, the situation is getting better slowly and people realize that only an equal society can be a healthy place to live in.
    Nupur, frankly I have not been able to verify whether this is actually part of the text book of class I /class II, and it is part of an ad campaign. But the fact remains that in most parts of India there is a huge bias in content as far as education goes.
    Wanting girls and boys to perform well is the next level, after ensuring that they reach a level where they can compete. I am not talking about people like you and me, who are the priveleged ones as far as education and exposure goes. We were, in many ways, pushed to break the barriers created by society in terms of gender and perform well.
    What I am trying to point out is that unconsciously we are still instilling the same values which we want to thwart. Instead of addressing the issue at the root cause, we are still fostering it.

  4. Do they still have lessons like this?!!!!

  5. I thought the same as sra! WHOA!! That is like 100 yrs backward! No wonder the men abuse women and think it’s quite okay bcos she deserves it!:))
    Isn’t it time to do something about this…I wonder !

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