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When Sra of When my soup came alive  tagged me for a MEME to reveal 7 Random facts about me, I was surprised and felt quite happy that someone wants to know about me…Thanks, Sra…I am honoured 🙂 !!! But when I sat down to write, I realized that the challenge involved. You see, you can’t google a Meme 😉

So, here are 7 random things about me, totally written on impulse, making it as random as it can get.

One. When I was younger, I thought I was a tough person. Everyone around me also thought so. But over the past few years, I have learnt this about myself that I am a very emotional person. Extremely sensitive to my surroundings and the people in it. And very easily affected.

Two. I have always had this ‘tag’ of being a ‘feminist’ attached to me. Not used indulgently or kindly. Rather as an abuse. And this ‘euphemism’ still precedes me !

I hate it when people use the term degradedly. I am far from the ‘ man-hater ‘ types who are considered to be ‘feminists’. However, I have had the experience of being with the most retrograde men ( and some women) of our generations. I think it was a great education. And I think that’s the price you pay for asking people ( both men and women) to be reasonable and not live in assumptions and ideas handed down by generations which thrived by suppressing women. In fact, I also raise my voice against suppression in any form, but that is conveniently ignored by people who want to degrade others.

Three. Someday I wish to start an enterprise of my own. A for-profit system which will help the poor become part of the system. I am inspired by the idea of microfinance.

Four. I admire people who can draw and paint. It was always my wish to be able to paint. Once, when in the fourth class I tried to take part in a drawing competition.The topic given was Jungle. I tried to draw a deer. It looked like a dog. That was the last time I tried.

Five. I love books. Any kind. Unless it is horror.

Six. It has been three years since I watched a movie in a theater. And I rarely watch TV. We don’t have satellite/cable connection. We have a very old TV which we use to watch some movie DVD occasionally. It is a conscious decision on our part.

Seven. The first cooking adventure in my life was when I was in my 10th std. My mom was working in another city. Me and my dad had to manage on our own. I made Sooji Upma. It turned out to be terrible. I just took the whole thing and dumped in the dustbin. I have never cooked anything on my own at home after that. ( Guess it’s not just because of the false start, but it so happened 😦 )

I started to cook only after my marriage and then it was a challenge. To cook Punjabi cuisine when I didn’t even know the names of half of the pulses and the spices.

Now I have learnt quite a few things. Thanks to cookbooks and food blogs. I can manage now and sometimes excel my own expectations.

Like this one.Mushroom-Spinach Stuffed Crepes from Nupur’s One Hot Stove 


I have never seen a crepe before. So I just followed Nupur’s directions and I admire the way she structures her recipes and the photographs. The result was excellent.

Just a note : Since I have been unsubscribed from Food Blog Desam ( since I seem to writing about things other than food also), if you have been relying on FBD to know about new posts on this blog, I request you to subscribe me through a Reader.



  1. Santhi, best of luck on your microfinance enterprise. Enjoyed reading the rest of the meme, too. Thanks for taking it up.
    I did feel a pang both for you and your dad in the upma incident, though!
    Thanks…I guess it’s a part of growing up, after all !

  2. santhi, can you please get your blog back on food blog desam? i was wondering where you had disappeared. when people say ‘feminist’, most times, they mean ‘b!tch on wheels’. i wear that badge with honour. they obviously feel insecure and threatened around you. their problem.

    you go, girl!! love you the way you are.

    thanks b…:-)

  3. santhi, why ur blog post dont come up in food blog desam girl????
    feminist??? ha ha… i too was tagged that way bk in college coz i was more interested in studies than having boy friend;) i guess people still donno what they really mean by labelling someone as feminist.
    i can very well understand ur feeling darling. just be urself coz u rock girl:)
    hey..feminist or no feminist, I get a kick to see these men getting shocked out of their wits to see women who are smarter than they are 😉

  4. i found your blog today through a link. i am quite enjoying it. enjoyed your meme also.
    Hi…welcome to the blog ! Nice to know that you enjoyed it…:-)

  5. Number 2 – So true
    Number 3 – good for you 🙂

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