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At the cost of sounding unpatriotic and at an inappropriate time, when India is poised to ‘proudly ‘ celebrate her 60th Independence day, I think we must stop celebrating Independence.

Not that it matters much, what you and me think. At least in India. An Indian citizen living in India is equal to an orphan. Nothing more. Nothing less. However much you want to believe that you are part of the system, that YOU are the SYSTEM, it is NOT TRUE. The system is out there like a monster waiting to crush you down. You survive till you manage to escape its claws. Use any tactics…Pull it, Push it, Bribe it,Get scapegoats…what ever you do, you cannot escape it. Everyday one witnesses it. Scary.

 Like yesterday when I saw this sight. A tanker parked to the side on a busy road. The driver, a really old man, on the seat. Crying. A police man standing alongside, talking to him. No, there was no accident. It was evident that the police man was harassing this old driver and the poor chap was crying out of helplessness. At this point of time, you realize what it means to be an Indian. The truck driver, in spite of living in a country which is boasting of being the next superpower, is powerless. All of us who witnessed this sight, in spite of being well-educated and well-aware were powerless. Even the police man who was harassing the truck driver was, in some sense powerless since he had a hierarchy of corruption which needed to be fed every day. So much so for living in Independent India.

Back to my point, on not celebrating Independence…Why not, you would say…After all, this is one of the ways in which to keep the Indian spirit flaring….this is one of the ways in which to rekindle the patriotic feelings in our minds….this is one of the ways to remember the people who sacrificed for their motherland and for providing the future generations the right to live a free life…

Yes, I agree, it is true that this is a day which we should all remember with reverence the lives of the great men and women who struggled to make true their visions of a free India. We must go back to their dreams, teachings and methods if possible. We must rekindle the feelings associated with patriotism.

And not reduce patriotism to a fad. And not turn India’s Independence into another commercial opportunity. And not let the media use this as yet another way to get their TRP’s soaring. With “reality” shows to select the next ” Great Leader”…With inane song and dance shows where men and women drape the Tricolor with such callousness. With awards being thrown about at anyone and everyone who makes an appearance in Page 3. And screening movies with any remote link to India – be it riots, be it Kashmir, be it war, be it Gandhi, for the umpteenth time.

We had to rely on a Munnabhai to make Bapu famous. That is the state India is in. I think its sad. I don’t have anything against the movie. But the thought that the Father of the Nation needed a modern day movie goon to make him famous is revolting. And trust me, I am not sure how many Indians would still think that Sanjay Dutt is the Father of the Nation ! I am not exaggerating, and you wouldn’t be sure either considering how many days the media was showcasing his conviction as a national disaster, and the loss to the film world as if your next breath depended on that.

Before doing any of this read this report from World Food Program

” Nearly 50 percent of the world’s hungry live in India, a low-income, food-deficit country. Around 35 percent of India’s population – 350 million – are considered food-insecure, consuming less than 80 percent of minimum energy requirements.
Nutritional and health indicators are extremely low. Nearly nine out of 10 pregnant women aged between 15 and 49 years suffer from malnutrition and anaemia. Anaemia in pregnant women causes 20 percent of infant mortality. More than half of the children under five are moderately or severely malnourished, or suffer from stunting. “

Stop this farce. Please. For India’s sake. Let us keep our dignity.



  1. Lot of sad things are going on in India for more than half a century now!! Atleast NOBODY ELSE is ruling us for a change!:))

  2. think about what is means to a dalit woman who can’t use thee village well to be indian, and to see the india shining billboard in her face. the press doesn’t even talk about this anymore. honestly, all this bragging about how free we are makes me sick. why should that old man have to put up with that cop? what has the change of governement from the british to local thugs achieved? why is a brown-skinned thug better than a white-skinned one?

    we’ve become too complacent as a society. having a few desi CEOs of fortune 500 companies means zippo to me.
    Bee…I agree completely..what has changed most is that the media seems to see everything through a filter nowadays…and there is undeserved focus on news that do not deserve it, and unwanted jubilation, whereas the real India is still living in shackles….and with the change of government, we only chained ourselves more…its like the perennial Damocles Sword on our head…

  3. Santhi, great post! This year I’ve noticed a lot of businesses offering discounts because it’s I-Day, another year, I noticed a weight loss centre doing that because it was Gandhi Jayanthi!!! Where’s the connection, and how crass can we get?
    yes…I agree…we keep degrading ourselves…its so sad ..:-(

  4. before we celebrate independence day, we should secure life and then should celebrate independence day without any tight security if it is possible then only i can think that india is independent

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