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Scene 1 : In the kitchen, with some odd looking packet in hand, staring blankly ahead.

Scene 2 : On the phone, ransacking through the whole place, flipping through a dusty book

Scene 3 : In front of the Laptop which is perched on the washing machine, and intently praying to Google, errr… I mean God ! 

I go through this quite often, more often than I would like to…but, I have become beyond redemption..;-)

Well, sometime back, in one of these moments, I was caught with a box full of bread crusts. Nah, not bread crumbs…but bread crusts / edges.

I went from Scene 1 to Scene 2 to Scene 3. That day was a bad cold day for Google… I kept saying bread crusts, It kept hearing bread crumbs ! Ah, finally after a bit of a scream and a struggle, I managed to find a way to convince that bread crust is not equal bread crumbs !

Very few results , if any at all…I realized that there are not many nerds like me, who want to eat the bread and then  the bread crust separately..ah, so much for quirks 😉

Well, here is what finally got made with all the leftover bread crusts…. 

P1000355Bread Crust Pudding  adapted from this recipe in Food

The only change I made was to replace the peanut butter with normal butter. It tastes really good…finished even before you could say R.O.C.K.I.N.’ G.I.R.L  B.L.O.G.G.E.R…..:-)


Dear friend Sra of When my soup came alive has honoured me with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. A big thank you to you, Sra:-)

And here are the five people  whom I choose for the award ( in alphabetical order )…

Barbara of Tigers & Strawberries

Bee of Jugalbandi

Coffee of The Spice Cafe

Nupur of One Hot Stove

Sia of Spice Corner

I think you women rock, so here it is coming your way, If you’ve already got it, you rock twice so much, I guess …;-)

Keep Rockin’…….



  1. OMG, that looks scrumptious. it’s worth saving crusts just for this. thanks for the award, my dear. i can see i’m in august company with barbara, nupur, the incorrigible coffee and sia. poor jai. he’s not eligible for it. he was just bitching about it yesterday in mythili’s blog (vindu). lol. and you are very naughty to replace the peanut butter with butter.
    OOOps..Jai’s comment on Mythili’s vindu is scorching…thank god I didn’t offer him the consolation prize I was thinking of …;-)

  2. where did my comment disappear? thanks for the award, and that dish looks just delish. you are very naughty to be substituting peanut butter with butter.

  3. You certainly rock my dear Santhi! I love what you write….. very thought provoking… and sometimes an eye opener. 🙂

    I am honoured with the award! Thank you. 🙂

    Thanks dear coffee…and me too thinks you rrrrock…:-)

  4. Ahh! You know what I saw the first thing I went into that food network site – an ad for a colon cleansing kit! (Aargh!) I didn’t bother to read their recipe after that, but I liked your post esp “intently praying to Google, errr… I mean God!” 😀 now you know the kind of desperation I had when I was left with so much of bread crusts…I went ahead with trying the recipe in spite of all the yucky ads…hehehehe …..

  5. LOL santi… goofle surely has some cold days 😉 never knew u could actually cook something out of bread crumbs, opps crust 😉 and if it tastes as good as it looks then count me in.
    u rock babes and i have no doubt at all:) thank u for thinking even i rock 😉 i am honored to be in the list of all 4 rock stars.

  6. Thank you so so much for the award…that was really sweet of you 🙂
    I must say that this dish looks fabulous, and when you say it was made of leftovers…wow!

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