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I really thought someone is hosting another award : The Ultimate Puri Queen / King ( I am afraid that Jai might do a Gandhigiri after the Rockin’ Girl Blogger 😉 Now that there is a Rocking Guy Blogger, I guess ” everyone lived happily ever after” 😉 )…

Remember the old Sundrop oil ad,  where there is huge pile of puris and the kid is running away from a falling puri…yesterday night when I sat down to do a round of catching up, I felt like the kid and all the puris from all the blogs trying to follow me…..!!!! And then to my amazement I realised that it was not just puris, there was another unknown character “cluris“….Well, now after some bit of blog searching and soul searching ( I read this post by Anita twice 😉 ), I decided to plunge myself in, head first.

But it is Sunday today, it would be a sin to do even a mote of work that can be avoided in any way 😉 So, here is puri and potato combined into one, and fried together. 😉 ( I avoided cooking another bhaji 😉 )….and just had it with dahi !!!! yummmm….

The lone Puri among Cluris


Batata Puri  (from Rotis & Naans of India by Purobi Babbar)You ll need

1 cup plain flour

2 potatoes, boiled, peeled and mashed well

3 tbsps youghurt

1/2 tsp salt


ghee/ oil


Mash the  potatoes finely, and mix all ingredients with 1 tbsp oil. Knead well and make into a semi – soft dough ( but make sure, it is not too soft ).

Roll them into round circles and deep fry them into puris ( or most of the time, cluris )

Enjoi with dahi

Join  A Mad Tea Party with puris 🙂



  1. puri, aloo and dahi, all in the same recipe. how cool is that? love the pic.
    yeah…less effort, more enjoyment 🙂 the pics have improved, haven’t they ?…thanks to my new camera !!! Look at what blogging does to you !!!!

  2. That is very ingenious to combine aloo with the poori. If I remember correctly, these are very ‘dangerous’ pooris – addictive and really really greasy! But, heck, Independence Day come but once a year!

    Thanks for coming to the party, Santhi.

    Thanks Anita, for hosting the party, and giving all of us an excuse to gorge on puris !!!! Yeah, the puris turned out to be very oily but tastier…so enjoyed it all the more 😉

  3. What a great idea! Batata pooris sound great. Love ur pic.
    Yeah..even I thought so, considering you dont need another potato subzi to go along with…try it with achaar and dahi …really yum 🙂

  4. lovely ones….and you have a nice blog …


    thank you Srivalli 🙂

  5. Hey, the pic’s nice – I like the green leaves against the grille.
    hey..thats my feeble attempt at gardening…;-)

  6. i like that other pic of the cute girl with the glasses who commented.

  7. Love the multitasking pooris, Santhi! i want them NOW!

  8. LOL santi… i remember that ad and i too felt the same look at prries raining in blogsphere… now the recipe u have here is what i would call all in one poori:) i dont think i will need to make it deepfried parotas;)

  9. happy onam to you and yours. dear santhi.

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