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In Kerala, it is a beautiful time now. Beautiful to the eyes..beautiful to the soul. It is Onam. A festival which celebrates peace and prosperity while reminding us of the kindness of soul and the oneness that existed amongst people. Happy Onam, dear readers… I know I am late in wishing, but I couldn’t make myself write about it, following the terror attack in Hyderabad.

I am sure you all must have read about the most- recent terror attack in Hyderabad ( I am sure everyone has lost count, including national media, so its nowadays like the Top 10 countdown, they list only the recent 10 or the top 10 in terms of casualty ).

Heart -wrenching scenes in the victims houses. Each story kills your conscience. You feel for them. Sympathize with them. Cry, maybe. Then move on. Yes, many of them will learn to pick their lives up and move on. Some will freeze on that moment.

Time ticks away. Life flows. Without the 40 people whose lives were blown away by another terrorist.

None of them would have ever known about this terrorist outfit. Never heard about their ideals or why they even unleash these attacks. Never thought that they would become victims of the unknown.

India is second only to war-torn Iraq in the number of people whom we lose to terrorist attacks. India has the highest terror related incidents and civilian casualties and injured ( barring Iraq ) compared to all the other war torn regions. Read the article here.

We didn’t need this piece of statistics to realize that we are the most vulnerable and the easiest targets for any terror attack.

Why ? Because human life is the cheapest commodity available in this land. Blame it on politics. Blame it on population. Blame it on our lax attitude. Blame it on anything or anyone, but that’s the truth. No one cares a damn. You and I have no value these days, even as a vote bank. They have exact algorithms of cheating, which has been sophisticated over decades.

I am overwhelmed. But all I can do is to wait for my turn. It could be today. It could be any day. 

So long, till time stops for me ( I was flying to Hyderabad the day before the attack, but the flight got canceled. Who knows…..)



  1. Yes..Time ticks on and nobody bothers to really stop and look back. Nice blog by the way.. 🙂

  2. Be safe and have a safe flight!

  3. request for blogroll

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