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I don’t play agony aunt often. Not by choice, but by design. I mean, the hard coding inside makes me quite unsuitable for the role, I must admit. But like they say everyone gets one chance in life…..

This is just a few days back, and I am listening to someone. Not able to decide whether I am supposed to play cheerleader or devil’s advocate, I refrain my responses to “ooohs” and “aaaahs” . I must say , I did give a pat on my back for carrying it off very well 😉 because the same ‘someone” returned for another session quite soon….

Ah, now it is with regularity that we are having these sessions ( and at times I can see myself becoming a bit brave and going beyond the usual monosyllables…nowadays I am even dreaming of a future career as a self-styled “guru” 😉 )…

Curious to know what this young man ( yeah, you read that right and I am married 😉 ) was pouring out of his heart in bucketfuls ? ( in the same fashion as our K- bahus )…Here is the story cut really short.

I and the rest of us all thought he wanted to get married. Because he was always on the internet, gaping at “young beautiful slim fair homely highly educated very very fair ( using fair & lovely since birth that you can switch off the lights when she is around..all you CFL champions, do you hear ??? ) eligible”  women on the matrimony sites.

Well, this is the assumption I had before the buckets became full. No so, I realise. Later, I thought he was sad because he didn’t like any of the above mentioned ‘eligible’ girls ( or is it that they didn’t like him…nah,, its his parents and relatives and all the village that didn’t approve, I think )…what a situation to be in !!! I did advice him to go ahead and just choose one of them and get married. So much for good advice…I don’t think young guys heed any good advice nowadays 😉

Well, as I became adept at playing shrink, he says he is marrying not for himself, but for his mom ! Ah, what a sacrilege…err I mean sacrifice ! Remember the famous ” Mere paas Maa hai “…similar lines. I gulped down many things that wouldn’t befit the shrink’s role, but couldn’t resist some things. I was trying to make him see reason. Well well….

In every job, I think there is a high point. Last week, the day before this young man got engaged he let the bag out….

I am in love …….

One of my long time friends, I thought you knew ( I never realised I was meant to have supernatural powers, but I guess this is one of the steps to being the ” guru “…)

Wow…Ahem…..Then why are you getting engaged to a different girl tomorrow ?

I can’t marry that girl…

Oh, Is there a problem ?

No, not really, but yes…like her parents and my parents may have problems.

But have you discussed it with them….??

Nooo…I mean, I have indicated…jokingly…just like that….But I cant marry her, I will just keep talking to her ( !!!! )

Errrr….but why don’t you discuss it with them,are you not serious about this girl ….

I mean, I have a social status….what will everyone say ….everyone knows me….

What do you mean ?

I am a good boy…..

Good boys don’t love…..

Disclaimer : Whatever I write is basis my experiences in life, and not meant to disrespect anyone else. Humour keeps life going 🙂 



  1. LOL… sorry i cant stop laughing at that “good boy” who thinks falling in love is for “bad boys”…
    Haha..thats the way it is, i guess..:-D

  2. Did he seriously say ‘I am a good boy’? Jeez!
    😉 😛

  3. ha ha ha… that was good!

  4. so will you be a good samaritan and warn that poor girl he’s engaged to that his head is so far up his mamma’s you know what, he can see her tonsils?
    hahaha….how many women can you warn about the ‘impending doom ‘ ???? …;-)

  5. unfortunately these are not isolated instances, rather the norm in perception/behavior. would be glad to be told otherwise. i found that people in rural areas (in india) are more mature/open/broadminded than people in urban/suburban settings. any thoughts?

  6. santhi, where r u girl??? long time no see…

  7. Hi there you have a great blog,lovely recipes. Feel free to visit my blog too 🙂

    Jeena xx

  8. knock, knock. anyone here?

  9. Hey, where are you?

  10. I know what you did last summer !! and whom you are referring to….:-)

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