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Another year has passed by, so swiftly, making me wish for the impossible…to make time stand still, if not for eons, but for one breath…….

Well, I did wish the impossible, but have to move on like people say, so here I am back to writing on the mirror, with a whole lot of things to say, but sometimes lapsing into silence. For silence is a great teacher. And one of the things that it has taught me last year is to control the overpowering need to do something….like blogging, when I decided to consciously stay away for sometime. When I realised that the blog was consuming me, rather than I being able to use it as a medium. Not to say its good or bad, but just to learn the act of being in control of one’s needs.

There are a lot of experiences that I have liked, disliked, learnt from, did mistakes and just existed during 2007.

1. I discovered blogging ( I think that says everything 🙂 )

2. I am nearer to understanding what I would like to do as a person ( I want to believe this 🙂 )

3. I know how it feels when you realise you are getting old ( phew, took me some effort to say that..will never forget the earth shattering shock on discovering grey hair strands, not when you havent even touched the third decade of existence…!!!)

4. I have learnt that you need to stand up for yourself, and I am determined to do it in 2008…

5. In 2008, I want to move towards making more meaningful contribution to society…

Now let me present to you the New Year cake ( I know it looks a little scarred and scary, but believe me, it is really the yummiest chocolate cake we have ever had )…


Taken from this lovely Chocolate Birthday Cake Nupur has made and described so well in her blog One Hot Stove… 

Just followed her instructions to the dot ( except that I did away with the raspberry filling, instead used some strawberry jam…yeah yeah, i know 🙂 and the cream for the ganache frosting got spoilt when I tried to heat it ( still wondering why you need to heat it ! ) so just whipped another cup and added to the chocolate…and the icing was a disaster…;-)..whats a new year, if its perfect..;-) )

It was a sweet beginning to the new year…hope the year adds more sweetness to all of our lives…..



  1. well the cake certainly looks delicious..nice column santhi…i like they ‘understated’ tone of your posts.

    wish you a very happy new year!

  2. Happy new year to you. Great resolutions to have, regardless of few grey hairs!:D

  3. The cross-section of the cake looks great!

    The blog’s consuming me too, am not doing anything about it, though.

    A very happy new year to you and yours!

  4. @Sharmila : Thanks very much ! Wish you also a very happy new year 🙂
    @Asha : Happy New year to you also…dont remind me of the grey hair….i can feel the whole world turn grey..:-(
    @sra : Very happy new year…even I liked the cross section…do try the cake, its really worth the effort..:-)

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