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I thought technology makes things simpler, or atleast is supposed to…atleast in things like blogging which people with low levels of TQ ( Technology Quotient) try their hands at(errr, ppl who know me, know that in my past life I did a technology course, and in the realm of computing, but thats past life, of which not even traces can be relived 😉 )….

I am also know for my ability to procrastinate, and since one of my new year resolution is to reverse that, I took some decisions ( believe me, I did ( looking away from the computer screen, as I can’t look in your eyes when I lie ) ), but here I am struggling to decode how to install wordpress and set up your own FTP server and make your own MySQL database and deciding on the host server and the domain name provider and this and that and therefore this and that and and and and……………………….am lost…

God save us !


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