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How would you like it if some stranger stares at you from across the street, worse, starts pointing fingers at you….well, for one, people with a little bit of manners about them wouldnt do it…and definitely if still some nerd is doing it I would definitely not feel good about it, maybe walk across and ask them to stop doing it…

When this happens to your blog what do you do…

Linking is good, everyone wants to link and to be linked, but when it happens to you in the way I mentioned above, would you like to accept it ( not that I was asked a permission)…

The context is that I just saw that another blogger has just done this ( I am not willing to do the same linking exercise..) she just decides to link to one of my photos, saying” here is a photo from a food blog” and does it with so much disrespect that one feels insulted…

So there, I have left a comment on her blog asking her to remove the link, and hopefully learn some manners for future, but I would like to know what you would have done in this situation….this is not plagiarism neither is it copying…this is plain and simple disrespect for another person’s work….thats the way I see would you see it ?



  1. when it comes to linking, anyone can link to us and we can’t stop them. even spam blogs, which is worse than the blogger you mentioned because they will copy your entire post word-for-word. as for respect, i don’t know if the blogger meant any disrespect; there is a possibility that she does not realise how it could be perceived by you as the owner of the image.

    to me, unless the words in which the blogger refers to my content has negative insinuations, i’d just let it be. i’m usually quite happy to get links. 🙂

  2. Hi Sulz…Welcome to Writing on the Mirror….:-)

    Agree about the spam….At the same time, am not happy to be getting links this way, would rather languish in anonymity…:-)

  3. thanks for the welcome! as for your dilemma, i guess when we put our work in public, especially on the internet, we cannot be totally anonymous in that sense. 🙂 that said, i do understand why you feel that way. have you considered putting a disclaimer on your blog?

  4. Not really..since I have no idea about it 🙂 ( ahem, am prone to bouts of dumbness, especially in a lot of blog-related areas 🙂 )

  5. Hi Santhi,

    I had a feeling you might have written about this thing, so I popped in for a visit.
    Though it upsets me that I had be thrust into limelight(?) from relative anonymity because of something like this, I apologise again.
    I agree with the previous comment that it wasnt really thoughtless linking. I was trying to give you due credit, but perhaps I didnt do it the right way.
    About Strangers Staring at You, santhi, dont you think that unless you have a private blog and invite readers to it, any blog is, like most other content on the internet, open to many strange eyes? Don’t Strangers Stare at you all the time, figuratively speaking?

    Personally, I wouldnt have minded if someone had posted a link to my blog. But I shouldnt have assumed that for everybody. I didnt realise how the statement “here is a link from a food blog” could be perceived.

    Again, no disrespect intended.
    A lesson for me and some manners learnt.

    I honestly didnt mean for things to turn out this way.

    I appreciate bloggers, food bloggers or otherwise.

    You have a great blog. Its NOT just another food blog. I know and understand what it means to you.

    All the best to you!!

    (The subject of this post is the mis-hap at

    Can anyone tell me if this is technically wrong?)

  6. Hi Radhika,

    I did write about it, but definitely didnt mean any harm to you or your blog, and thats why didnt link you from my post !

    Though I was bothered about the whole thing, I must reiterate that it was not a personal attack, neither do I perceive that you have done it intentionally or anything…

    It is only that in this virtual world, your blog stands for you, and you tend to take it as personally as you would, if someone does it to you in real world !

    Yes, I do agree that by having a public blog, you are letting others stare at you, and it is with this awareness that you decide to write a blog, however, it doesnt mean that we must compromise on things when we see it ….

    Well, though we started on a wrong foot, I also understand that you didnt mean any disrespect, and also reiterate that I don’t mean any personal affront on you.

    Wish you also the very best…

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