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When I started reading it, I thought it must be humor..well, thats what he is known for, and is good at….and it does make you laugh initially….I was wondering how someone could make up so much gibberish…!!!!

Midway, I was bewildered…I didnt know whether to believe what he was saying or was it really nonsense…?? ? I was on the brink of switching over….!!!!

By the end of it, I had converted….I was seeing dust everywhere, and calculating the probability of seeing the next dust speck…:-)

If you can’t make sense, read God’s Debris by Scott Adams ( It’s an ebook and its free ! You could google it, and download , else just drop me a line, if you need a copy)…

I admire people who have the capability to blur the line between intellectualism and stupidity…



  1. Thanks for forwarding the book. Finished reading it on either side of sleep last night. Really loved it. Uncanny about how there were parts of the book where I felt that the words were mine. At a fundamental level, we take many things for granted – depending on whether we choose to believe in them or not. So some will find this book absolute gibberish and others will think it is brilliant. In the end, what we see in it is probably a reflection of our personality and how we want to mould it.

  2. Completely agree with you, Jai….whether it is pure nonsense or exalted intellectualism, its amazing how profound the writing is…..thouroughly enjoyed it myself, and happy that you also liked it 🙂

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