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Here’s unveiling a new cocktail, fondly named Torture by us, after we both had to drink down 8-9 glasses between us…I ll let you into the story, shortly….

But just for the ‘spirit’ of it, I am sending it across to Jai and Bee at Jugalbandi for their Photo Event CLICK ( I am late by 12 mins, so lets hope they don’t lash me out..but no sweat, anyways…:-) )

torture 550

Will be back with the story soon….:-) 

Update on the story part :

I am poor in many things, one of which is finding a suitable gift for anyone. Especially, the task becomes even more daunting, if its for your partner, with whom you have cribbed enough number of times about his lack of gift-choosing and gift-giving ability…well, I have even googled ideas for gifts and ended up going to amazing sites with amazing ideas 😉 but none of it seems to help !!!

So on one such occasion, last year, I came up with a brilliant idea ( I thought so, atleast) and got him a Bartender’s Guide kind of book, with lovely. I loved the book. I loved the photographs. I love relaxing with the book, and after relaxing enough, I decided its time for some action….

One of the lazy late evenings on the weekend, I got into the mood for experimenting…Not really the cocktail, but one of the beautiful juices that I liked…So I set to action with three tomatoes, one carrot and one green chilli ( contrary to my usual style, I followed the recipe verbatim) and ended up with a juice which was extremely chillish…:-)

Slyly, I poured some orange juice, to lighten the effect, but the chilli just refused to go…I had poured in quite some amount.

Brilliance struck me…Quietly slunked to the bar and added some bit of vodka, and still no respite…Add some more orange juice…By then I had made almost 2 liters of the cocktail…and could do no more….

Quietly presented it to my husband, and we sat down to watch a movie, and I acted as though the cocktail came out well, and as expected…hahaha…but couldnt keep a straight face after drinking one glass of it….

Just to prove grit is a great asset, we both finished the whole thing between us ( towards the end struggling quite a bit), thats almost 10 glasses in about 3 hours time….:-)…

Do you have any such experiments which went awry….Share with us….:-)



  1. Love the name! It’s fun creating cocktails, but the best part is drinking it and coming up with a name! Our favorite cocktail is “Between the sheets” ! 🙂

  2. :-)…”Between the sheets” sounds quite cool….I wonder what the recipe will be… 😉

  3. lol… i had experienced the same with curries but not with drinks. its so gd to see ur post santi 🙂

  4. We came up with another cocktail and interesting name the other night. It’s a little more tame than the “between the sheets”. It’s a secret for now and we’ll write about it later!

  5. Sia : Nice to see you here..:-)…Yeah, my curry experiments are much so, that I can’t even blog about them 😉

  6. White on Rice…I did visit your site and blog ( and search for ” Between the Sheets ” 😉 )..But couldnt find it…Have you blogged about it already , Did I miss it ?

    Will wait for the tamer one, anyways 🙂

  7. We never wrote a whole post on the Between the Sheets. Never got around to it. It was just mentioned in another cocktail post, but the Between the Sheets recipe is posted in our RECIPE page. Check it out!

  8. Hey! We Loooove the changes here! When did this happen?!

  9. Thanks White on rice….but I am still working on tweaking this a bit…looks like it appears slightly jumbled up on some browsers !!!!

  10. wow!!! like the new avtar of ur blog santhi 🙂

  11. It still looks great, it’s got style. When is the music gonna start? I start to feel it when your site pops up on my computer screen!

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