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If you live in a city like Mumbai, then you will sympathise with our yearning for breaks. Everyday you feel like the city is gasping for breath. The burgeoning population and the never-ending buildings have scarred the city beyond repair. It does scar one’s mind too….

We recently escaped the city for a couple of days….


Malshej Ghat is a beautiful place, surrounded by the Western Ghats, around 150 kms from Mumbai.


The MTDC resort is the only place available to stay, other than a few small time so-called “resorts” which don’t look any better than shacks. This resort is right on top of one of the mountains, and has a breath-taking view.
We didnt visit the place during monsoons, definitely would be much more lush and green during the monsoons, but still the place was a great relief from the gory face of the city !



  1. Lovely pictures, I’m quite envious of how well they turned out. I love the double peaks in the first and the moving road in the first, and the twilight (is it?) in the second. I notice you changed your template too!

  2. Thanks sra….even we liked the way they turned out…:-) ( more of luck than technique, i must confess…:-) )

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  4. gorgeous pics santhi… just breath taking!

  5. Thanks Sia…one of our few ‘good’ photos…but there’s lot of improvement, thanks to the blog, we have recently invested in a tripod..:-)

  6. ‘Never ending roads’ never cease to amaze me. Makes me wonder whats awaiting on the next curve.

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