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I am not a food expert. Not a great cook. Quite a novice when it comes to experimenting with different styles of cuisine and different types of food.

Brought up on Kerala Iyer cuisine ( if you know what I mean – Iyers in Kerala, I think have a different style of cooking than the Iyers everywhere else…put simply, there’s a combination of Kerala style and traditional Iyer style !) where you had bread only when you were sick; introduced to the pizzas and the burgers quite late in life, compared to my generation brought up in metros or others abroad; Soups and chinese were and still are alien ( Rasam is still not a soup for us ) and the only time you saw Naan was when you went out for dinner once or twice in a year to the ” big” hotel in the town !

So you can guess my excitement and apprehension when I get into unknown realms like making Bread. One of the lazy sundays, while blog hopping, I came across Nupur’s Chocolate Cherry Bread which seemed simple and doable ( I think at a subliminal level my motivation was the solace that inspite of the apparent mess that she had in her hands, the bread turned out fine ( I must say that she is quite a seasoned cook, from the food she cooks up on her blog )…well, in my case I was expecting a mess – I know, thats quite like pessimistic, but I prefer to call it realistic – so that boosted my confidence )…I also did check out Pavani’s Chocolate-cherry bread at the Cook’s Hideout.

I didnt have the cherries, but added the chocolate chips. And to my surprise it did turn out well.
chocolate bread
 A bit dry, but still tasty . Still not figured out why it was dry though ?

Now I am inspired enough to try some more baking….:-)


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