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Breaking News : Aishwarya Rai visits temple with the Bacchan family

Join the live debate on TV : Is Aishwarya Rai being a Manglik going to hinder Abhishek’s career ? Send in your sms to ……

Exclusive footage : AIshwarya doing the Karvachauth puja

Flash news/ Sneak preview/ Exclusive coverage ………….The story doesnt end….

Well, the Aishwarya – Abhishek drama atleast had some star value ( for whatever its worth ), but these days we always seem to have ” Breaking News / Flash News” which says that ” the contestant from this region may be ahead in the sms poll to win Reality show No 10 ” or ” Bombay is getting hotter by the day” or something equally mindless…………..

Really…it takes a lot of patience to wade through this tiring junk which is being pushed down our throats and find genuine news, which deserves coverage and some analyses, and leads to discussions and debates. All the relevant news is being eschewed away for sensationalised region-based manipulated pieces of irrelevant information dressed in the garb of news.

 Some of the factors why I think Indian news channels have degraded are :

  • There is a lot of money to be made in the Indian Media industry which is booming. So  the opportunity with huge ad revenues and competition against General entertainment channels, has put a lot of pressure on the news channel to also keep track of their TRPs. But problem is when ONLY TRPs MATTER. I think thats where we are heading. That leads to a lot of junk getting classified as NEWS.
  • Dearth of talent. Dearth of talent like a Barkha Dutt or Prannoy Roy. Dearth of a good education system to support and nurture these talents. This affects quality of delivery hugely.
  • The need to stress on quality over quantity.
  • And give more credit to the audience. We are discerning. We really are not interested in the private lives of celebrity couples and neither are we obsessed with who is going to be the next super star / indian idol/ whatever…..We are more worried about the Food crisis and global warming, and its impact on our lives and the future of this planet, what is really happening in our economy in the face of a US recession…Regional, and international issues which impact us as a nation, and as an individual.

Our News channels have let us down, and am not sure whether a comparison with their International counterparts is what is lacking. It really boils down to ethical news reporting and not denigrating themselves into only TRP hungry media.




  1. I agree. Its a death of such talents.When nobody bothers about the news, such channel’s shouldn’t exist.If they want to earn their dialy bread in such a way, they shouldn’t project them as news channels

  2. as long as they are takers for this drivel (and there are millions), there’s nothing to stop it. the same’s the case in the U.S. journalists don’t talk about things of importance, but about themselves and each other.

  3. Making a mountain out of a molehill is what it sure is. As i keep saying ‘Drama drama has become one reality TV show!’ where ppl do drama to get noticed and not cos of personal hindarance or reasons which u generally would associate. We live our lives listening to scandals and nosing into others private affairs – esp in india! The day when normal day to day soaps start to crease is the day, such “Flash News” will start being used for real and worthy stuff instead of being used to announce someone’s marriage!

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