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A very heated debate is happening on the Blogathon today on a ‘sensitive’ ( I know its cliched ) topic ( something, which I think is happening only for this one topic,…I wonder ? ).

Read Sakshi Juneja’s post and a reply to it from Asuph and a response to that from Sakshi again…..

Frankly, at the end of it, all that I could come back with was the debate on what is normative and what is not  !!! While I do understand the intent of the argument , was it so pertinent to overshadow the issue..I wonder !

Whats really being discussed is what are the challenges that our society faces in terms of accepting alternate sexuality…???

When we are talking about ‘anything that is perceived as being done differently from the group’, then it follows that there will be a resistance to change and acceptance. It will cause extreme reactions. Take the case of recent killings in the name of marriage outside caste. While these days, its become quite ‘normal’ ( I am cautious of using these terms now 😉 ) for an educated young man and woman to decide about their future together, it still has not become an accepted norm ( ah, again the tyrannt ! ) practice ( uff, feels safe )

Believe me, in an India where still govts want to play moral policing ( last I heard, they want to whip the IPL Cheerleaders ), in a country where we face double standards from men and the political machinery ( remember last year’s New year eve molestation issue..they still haven’t booked the guy), in a country which is still dealing with caste and gender issues in all walks of life, can we expect people’s alternate sexual preferences to be accepted so easily ?

I really wonder whether Indian society will ever become so mature as to view people’s preferences dispassionately ?



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