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Right time to ask this question, what with IPL hogging everyone’s mindspace, Cricket seems to be all-pervasive these days. Not that it was much different earlier. The country’s highest hopes in sports lies with cricket. It seems like a chicken and egg story…Is this cricket mania because cricket is the only sport that has been performing comparatively less inconsistently than the others ( in other words, is it the one-eyed king of the blind men’s city ? ) or is it because cricket is so much loved and hyped that the cricketers have some pressure to perform, and things get handled before it hits the rock bottom ( for whatever worth the Cricket Board and the Player’s selection committee is ) ?

You can argue both ways, and win both ways too….:-). However, not to forget the plethora of problems that the rest of the sports world faces in India ( not that cricket doesnt have its own…)

You know the list…no proper investment in terms of identifying, training, no sponsors, no focus on regional games, a Gill in hockey…the list is long and numerous.

Is anyone listening ? Is anyone accountable ( leave the Ministers out, since they are there for other interests ) ? Is the public really interested ?

Sports, atleast culturally, seems to be less of a priority in the Indian family and the society at large ( except for the euphoria over cricket )…in a sense, there is not much focus on athletics or sports being part of bringing up, I feel. Recently there were reports on the lack of proper play grounds in most of the Schools in Mumbai…well, this wasn’t a priority issue with most parents and students, and therefore didnt bother them too much so long, till a newspaper reported it. We carry forward this attitude towards sports when it comes to prioritizing our national agenda as well ( if we assume the citizens have any role in it, that is !!! )

Well, lets just hope that the new business model of IPL works out…so what, if we don’t qualify for the Olympics Hockey, I  still cheered for the women’s team in Chak De….:-)




  1. Nice blog with a really beutiful design and thats a very legitimate post.

  2. Nice blog with a really beautiful design and thats a very legitimate post.

  3. out of the two points of argument (chicken and egg story)…lets include this. the sport has become more like a activity of glamor and page 3 attraction.
    when was the time Amithab cheered for Kapil and Gavaskar and sponsoring for their kit.
    But i do see a lot of spirit on the field but the spirit for cricket doesn’t stay too long…
    wonder only the Aussies have it in them?
    i love the game … if for ex IPL was organized and cricket was played for a cause. like if IPL was for the benefit of educating and feeding the poor children , then in bidding millions makes sense…

    btw…i’m bg from the indiblogger team…nice post…giving a deep thought this can trigger some controversies.

    Keep blogging!!!

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