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I am possibly one of the least qualified to write about cooking and related experiences. But one can still dream to reach the stars….. Essentially to please myself once in a while that I am not relegated to only making boring breakfasts and mundane dinners. And mostly because of the irresistable photographs of food that you get to see on many food blogs. Some of them exceedingly so. Thats when one loses it. SNAP you go. Into those realms you have never ventured into.

These two people from the other end of the world have tricked me into it many times, with their 2 Ps ( yeah, I remember the 4 Ps of marketing )..the Pen and the Photo ( ok ok..that one was a bad one 😉 ). And most of it has ended up in disasters. Like this one HERE.

But one of the times, I have managed to salvage the situation which itself is cause to celebrate ( well, more so , since its the 50th post on this blog…I didn’t realise it, just that WordPress has a better design now which announces the number of posts 🙂 )…Presenting Puran Poli, irresistably inspired by Bee’s Beautiful Puran Polis .

I’ve not done any much tweaking to the recipe that Bee has given, just a bit of disaster management whenever required :-)…. here is a 3 stage photograph of one of the least mutilated puran poli from the batch 🙂




 It has been a long time since I sent any entries to any Events…Am sending over this one to the Roti Mela hosted by Srivalli at Cooking 4 all Seasons


Some days are bad. Especially if it promises to be a good one, and ends up a disaster. And if its the precious weekend, then one can be sure its not going to get better with a bit of sulking. Well, thats whats happening. Right Now.

Started with a lot of things, and right now I am here. Stuck with a batch of buns which became more of a burnt blunders than tasty tea-time snack ( as I dreamt about throughout the day…Aaargghhh…


The more I think about the good food thats going waste, the worse I am feeling. And let me confess, I am what they call ‘Type A’. I mean, the types who don’t give up, and are all aggressive and want to win always ( I have made it sound milder). Bottomline, you feel even worse when things don’t turn up the way you thought. Well, Type A or Z, I right now am feeling quite like an idiot who doesn’t seem to get things right.

It was supposed to look like this beautiful mouth-watering perfect piece of bun that these two cool people from across the world made, and made it sound all so simple that I just fooled myself, that maybe I too could do it. Ah. Great Expectations !

I think I killed them. I mean, the yeast.

Anyways, I tasted the half burnt thing in the picture. I could sense how great it would have tasted, had it come out the way it was supposed to be ! Add to all this, the crashing ego when someone describes the output of your only successful bread-making effort so far, as ‘scary’…thats what my only other bread has got labelled ! And believe me, I thought it tasted pretty ‘ok’.. 🙂 Haha !!